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Patient Testimonials

A black and white headshot of Mae Z, a smiling, elderly woman.

Mae Z.

"With one meeting I knew that I was at home. He is an exceedingly intelligent man; he has a wonderful way of working with you and talking to you and you are at ease. You know exactly what is happening.”

A black and white headshot of Nicole M, a smiling middle-aged woman.

Nicole M.

“He is a perfectionist. And that was hours of work that he put into making sure that my articulation and the way I talk and sounded was very clear.”

A black and white headshot of Jim K, a smiling elderly man.

Jim K.

"The old dentures, my mouth began to cave in. When he made these new dentures, he built them up."

Bobbie D.

“I just had my first porterhouse steak in over three years, and I am really happy about that.”

A black and white headshot of EC K, a smiling man with a beard.


“I would recommend him above all others that I know. I just wouldn’t recommend anybody else for something like this.”

A black and white headshot of Rose U, a smiling woman wearing glasses.

Rose U.

“I was blessed the day I met Dr. Stromberg. Because he changed my life forever. He gave me my smile, confidence.”

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