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Dr. Stromberg Speaker Packet Request

Dr. Stromberg presents courses on important fundamentals of complete denture fabrication. This information is very important for the construction of all edentulous restorations, including:

  • tissue-supported complete dentures,

  • tissue-supported, implant-retained dentures,

  • implant-supported and -retained restorations, and

  • digital dentures.

It is important to realize that implants and digital technology are not a solution for all of our problems with removable edentulous restorations. It has been said many times that implants do not make a bad denture good. Adherence to fundamental principles is essential, and implants and digital technology also offer great advantages.   


Dr. Stromberg's presentations can be either in-person or virtual, and can be personalized for your group and attendees. 


Thank you! Dr. Stromberg will contact you soon.

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