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Dr. Stromberg's Textbook

Reserve a 15-minute virtual consultation with Dr. Stromberg for $69, and he will send you a FREE copy of his textbook (sent to an address in the United States).

The cover of Dr. Stromberg's textbook titled "Rehabilitation of the Edentulous Mouth. The Dual Phase Denture Design and Technique. M Leif Stromberg DDS."

Rehabilitation of the Edentulous Mouth, a textbook by Dr. M. Leif Stromberg


Dr. Stromberg’s advanced textbook describes the Dual Phase Denture Design and Technique in detail, provides a listing of materials used, and lists contact information for manufacturers, supply companies, and laboratory support (some of this information has changed since publication).  Use this comprehensive detailed and illustrated text, with over 250 pages and more than 300 photos and diagrams, to learn his methods for constructing predictably successful dentures, both tissue- and implant-borne.

To receive a copy of Dr. Stromberg’s book and to schedule your consultation:
  1. Complete the following form. Be sure to include the mailing address where you’d like the book to be shipped.
  2. After the form is submitted, you will receive an email with payment instructions (PayPal or ACH). Click on one of the links to make payment.
  3. Once payment is received, Dr. Stromberg will send your book within 2 weeks and contact you to schedule the 15-minute consultation. 

Thank you! Dr. Stromberg will get back to you soon.

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