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Simplified Procedures For Accurate Records For Complete Dentures

This course presents simplified methods for determining and accurately recording the vertical dimension of occlusion and centric relation. Accurate records are very important for achieving success and predictability of complete dentures. Simplified clinical steps will be explained in detail.

Life is too short to use wax rims to record the vertical dimension of occlusion and
centric relation for complete dentures. Wax rims are bulky, cumbersome, difficult to adjust, and often lead to inaccurate records. I will show you a much better way with the gothic arch tracer.

Southwest Dental Conference

August 16, 2024

Dallas, TX

Complete Denture Success: Simplifying Accurate Records for New Dentists

Achieving success with tissue-supported complete dentures hinges upon an understanding and precise recording of critical parameters, including the vertical dimension of occlusion (VDO), centric relation (CR), and tooth positions. This course addresses four common obstacles encountered in this process and equips participants with strategies to overcome them effectively.


October 17, 2024

New Orleans, LA

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